Best Link Shortener for KOL

Written by lysa | 19-08-2021 | 6 Min read


As an influencer, links play an important role in your social media marketing. Brands will give you links to provide analytics and statistics of how well/unwell it is doing. This will provide them information like how many clicks you received. To keep it sweet and simple, it keeps tracking of the performances of their influencers. 

When you copy and paste a link directly from the URL, usually it'll be lengthy and messy. A long URL isn't the best look when you want to share it on your social media or email. 

Link shorteners basically shorten links. But... there are also some, 

Things nobody tells you about link shorteners


Links do not come personalized

Link shorteners may be shorter than original links but they're still just a bunch of random letters, numbers and symbols such as This can be very unattractive and make people question or mistaken it for a spam link. 

There are plenty of cases where links are sent through email texts, personal messages on your social media, etc, and it leads you to either a virus or as mentioned earlier, spam. 

The last thing you want is your URL looking suspicious and no one clicking on it. YIKES.


Only ONE link

If you haven't noticed, platforms like Instagram only allow one website link in the bio section. This becomes a problem when you have multiple links to showcase at once, you will have to prioritze which link will be more beneficial to you. 

It will be one of those situations where you're put to choose either or. 


May be banned

Most platforms do not accept link shorteners due to the way links are encrypted which can be seen as spam link. 

Platforms like Facebook do not tolerate spams, where in instances like these, they consider posting short links to be spam. 


Not Reusable

When you partner up with brands for campaigns/collaborations, and put the link up on your social media or even their website, once the campaign ends the link will no longer be valid. You will be required to create a new link. 

Creating a new link can be time consuming as you will need to back track on the platforms and your partner might not agree due to the changes needed to be made on their side, can be quite tedious. 

Ideally, you would want to use the first link as it's already out on the internet but, with link shorteners like, it requires a certain amount of fee for the service. 

With all the points mentioned above, this does not make link shorteners a bad thing. In fact, with KOMACI Link, it can be your new best friend. 


Choose KOMACI Link


Personalized link

With KOMACI Link, there is no such thing as long, ugly links. You can personalize your link. This means you can choose how you want your links to appear. Not only will this win you aesthetics points but with custom link like this, it allows you to brand your links. 

Your link can be as simple as your name,

Or if you are a food enthusiast and want to make it apparent,


ONE link for ALL your links

KOMACI Link is a toll for you to house all your links, platforms such as Instagram where only one link per bio is no longer an issue. As a matter of fact your one link problem is now a solution. 

By putting your KOMACI Link in your bio, it will lead your faces to ALL your other links. This means you no longer have to change up the link in your bio section and allow your fancs to explore you other social profiles too. 



Think of KOMACI link as a digital portfolio. KOMACI Link has no limitations on the amount of links for you to include in your profile. 

When a campaign comes your way, create a button in your profile specifically for the campaign and when you need a new link, create another button for it. 

This will allow you to use the same link, which is your profile link, for as long as you need.


Linking is now easier than ever. 

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now with KOMACI Link.