Introducing KOMACI Link

Written by lysa | 23-06-2021 | 4 Min read


Living in a digital era, with a vast number of social platforms around, it is nearly impossible to have only one account! So many choices, attractive features and with all serving different purposes; image sharing, video hosting, discussion, community blogs, etc. Who can resist right? We know we cant. 

KOMACI has recently launched KOMACI Link which is a platform that allows users to include multiple links into a page. Being an avid user of social media, few make a career out of it. Influencers, businesses, publishers ,individuals with multiple platforms, etc. 

What is KOMACI Link? What does it do? Users can actively use KOMACI Link as a tool to share and update their audience on current ongoing projects, hobbies, and interests on their social media under one page. For example, Youtube, Spotify, Brand deals. 

Most social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Shopee allow only ONE link per user to add into their bio. With multiple socials, KOMACI Link is the answer to house all the important links in one URL; a saviour to this nightmare. 

Who needs KOMACI Link? What are the usages? 

KOMACI Link helpls users and their audiences simplify their way through social media. 

Many people don't recognize the problem that comes along with a limited number of links that can be inserted in their bio. How many links can you fit in your bio? With most social media, the answer is one. How many times can you switch up links in between? Countless but very tedious. How to connect without personally interacting? 


Here are some of the usages: 

  • You can place one link for all the important social links in your profile as an influence or a Shopee merchant
  • Post a Call-to-action content to your Bio page to lead your fans to your KOMACI Link and track your links performance
  • Create a mini portfolion; a quick & easy way to introduce yourself in 5 seconds


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