KOMACI Kfluence: Level Up Your Social Influence

Written by angela | 26-12-2019 | 4 Min read

As an influencer, do you ever wonder who your followers are? What were your attempts to get to know them thus far?

Do you “guestimate” what their interests are based on the fact that they are following you? Or do you assume based on the likes and comments you receive?

In influencer marketing, an influencer is a connection between brands and a group of people who share similar interests and make similar lifestyle choices. Working with brands while simply guessing the demographics of your audience is the same as throwing handfuls of assorted seeds on bare soil and hoping to see something sprout out of the dirt.

So, how should you go about getting to know your audience, driving brand deals, and increasing your income?

KOMACI Kfluence Profile – The LinkedIn Resume for Influencers

In the time KOMACI has bridged the gap between brands and micro-influencers, we have developed a community platform for influencers, with the introduction of Kfluence, and this is the missing tool for influencers to elevate your social careers.

Think of it this way – Kfluence lets you understand your audience’s demographics and psychographics so that you can plan your future content appropriately and attract more brand sponsorships, at the same time giving your audience the content that they will actually appreciate.

Your dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of your performance stats, which includes your average likes per post, comments, engagement rate, and estimated cost per post. The numbers you see are real-time analysis pulled from across your page, and it also tells you if your stats are above or below average when compared with your peers.

With all this information, you now can plan for future improvement based on where you currently are and where you are moving forward to.

The Crème de la Crème (The Best of the Best)

Quite possibly our proudest creation is the My Kfluence section, which allows you to really find out who your followers are. Well…not literally, but it gives you a peek into the kind of lifestyles your followers lead. For example, if you know 80% of your followers are students, you would know not to post about customised home furnishings because it’s highly unlikely that your followers would be interested (unless you want to attract a different kind of audience in the long run).

Keeping this part of your dashboard up-to-date is also a great way to let brands know right away if you are the influencer they are looking for. A car brand would engage influencers with a greater percentage of followers who drive their own car. This infographic makes it easy to decide whether to use your influence to promote their cars, and you also get to create content that your followers may be potentially looking for.

In all social careers, it makes a difference to know the current results we have created for ourselves, and influencers are no different. Kfluence is created to fill that gap for influencers so they have a clear view of where they currently are, their position in the social circle, and how to move to the next level.

Kfluence will be available to KOMACI influencers with more than 10,000 followers in January 2020.